We possess a very high-tech eye department and a separate operation theatre for eye cases.

Eye Testing
A patient is being tested for his glasses’ number on eye computer.

The eye department also serves the following features:

Computerized eye testing for glasses’ number The specialized eye computer gives accurate results within seconds by scanning the eyes. The computer works by focusing the reflection of light from within the eye to calculate the number. This saves a lot of time and effort by not having to find out the number manually. Of course, once the computer gives the number, it is confirmed on a computerized chart projector to determine the accuracy of the reading.

Phacoemulsification This is a procedure to remove cataract without stitching and usually without injection. A foldable lens is implanted through a small incision.

Biometry Biometry is a procedure, which implies specialized ultrasound technology to calculate the number of lens which is to be placed in the eyes after phako.