Peadiatric Surgery

Age categories: New born till eighteen years

Operating a child requires trained hands. The hand that rocks the cradle is the best hand for a child, but in case the child has to visit an operating theatre, then the best hand in there for him is the hand of the Paediatric Surgeon; a doctor who specializes in the surgery of the child’s body.

Why paediatric surgery is different from adult surgery

Conventionally speaking, the body is in the growing stage till the age of eighteen. Till 18 years, the body undergoes several developmental stages. The job of the paediatric surgeon is to be familiar with all those changes through the years.

Safety of Anaesthesia

Doses calculated according to a child’s weight and physiology differ from an adult. Since Anaesthesia is a very sensitive matter, we carefully pick the specialist administering it to an infant or a child.

Surgery of newborn

Very rarely does a new born require surgery. However, for congenital disorders, sometimes surgery is recommended during the first three days of life. At Naz Hospital, there has been a high success rate due to the skill of the specialists, dedication of the staff and availability of advanced equipment in the nursery.